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What are the benefits of acai on you?


Acai is 4 times richer in antioxidants than goji berry, and 5 times more than pomegranate and blueberry. As you know, antioxidants slow down cell aging, helping you keep that youthful skin you love.


Acai is not rich in silver but is rich from within: potassium, calcium, magnesium, and that's not all, it is also rich in zinc and iron. Those who practice sports know that all these minerals and trace elements are essential for boosting energy.


Do you know that there are good fats? Well, even if it means having some, acai only has good ones: omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9. To put it simply, this unique blend improves blood circulation and reduces bad cholesterol levels.


Acai acts as a real appetite suppressant and without making you feel guilty since acai is only 70kcal per 100 grams. Its fibers provide a satiety effect for several hours.


Without forgetting vitamins C, E, B1, B2 and B3 for even more energy!


The legend of the crying fruit...

A long time ago there lived a young Amazonian girl called Iaca. His father was the leader of a tribe that had grown so large that there was no longer enough food for all his people. The chief then decreed that all newborns had to be killed. But some time later, Iaca gave birth to a child from whom she had to part.

After crying for her child for some days, One night Iaca heard baby cries coming from outside. She found no one, but, exhausted,she laid down under a fruit-covered palm tree that had just emerged from the ground.

The next day, the tribe discovered Iaca's body under the new tree. Intrigued by this palm tree which they had never seen, the villagers ate the fruit which filled them up and gave them energy. The chief then repealed his cruel decree and declared that these fruits would bear the name of his daughter, but in reverse: Iaca became Acai.
Thanks to the abundance of food, the tribe grows and flourishes.


This is how for decades the Acai has been appreciated by all the Brazilian people.

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